Premiered at PS122, Fall 2008

"Under the brilliant and rigorous direction of Oliver Butler, the Debate Society certainly doesn’t disappoint in this bizarre but deeply winning homage to the drive-in cinema of yore." The New Yorker

"Cape Disappointment is a wonderful gift of a show. It is haunting, gentle, elliptical, poetic, humorous, bittersweet, occasionally startling and intense but always true." - Culturebot

A decaying drive-in comes to life with stories of lighthouses, naughty little girls and places you imagine remembering. So sit back, relax, refrain from loud talking and rough-housing, turn off your headlights, enjoy some tasty popcorn, put litter in its place, keep an eye on your children, think about how happy we could be, and remember that this country is full of dark, dark places along dark, dark roadways where dark, dark things can happen.

The Debate Society’s fourth full-length play transforms the performance space into their own version of a drive-in theater to present an intimate and absurd perspective of classic Americana. The Brooklyn based play-makers conjure a road trip epic wherein “The lives, desires, and memories of various passengers take a number of sharp and darkly comic turns over the course of one night, dissolving into three studies of bittersweet disenchantment.” (The New Yorker)

Written by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen
Directed and developed by Oliver Butler

Featuring: Hannah BosPaul Thureen,
Michael Cyril Creighton & Pamela Payton-Wright  

Lighting design by Mike Riggs
Sound design by Nathan Leigh
Costume design by Sydney Maresca
Scenic Design by Karl Allen
Stage Management Hope Bowman
ASM - Shelley Miles