Interested in a workshop with The Debate Society? Bringing us to your college or high school? Get in touch! We love conducting new play and collaborative creation workshops for students, theater makers and community groups. (more info below)


"Working with The Debate Society was so inspiring, I wish we had even more time with them because their work ethic and methods were exciting and innovative and required concentration and passion." 

"AMAZING experience! I learned so much, they were the greatest mix of hilarious, friendly and demanding. They pulled great work out of us."

"Great commitment and passion, a must-have experience."

"Life changing- they inspired me."


In workshops with TDS, students created their own pieces in an accelerated format (1-4 days). TDS helps each group forge their own unique process while teaching techniques and values of collaboration. Regardless of background, skill or focus, each student becomes a creator who will write, design and act in their pieces. Along the way students learn vital collaboration skills: staying process focused, finding inspiration in unexpected places, overcoming blocks, translating ideas into performance, generating text, managing conflict and more.

Workshops with TDS give artists, whatever their focus may be, tools to become more effective and unique creators and skills that can be brought to bear on any creative or collaborative endeavor.


Hannah, Paul and Oliver are faculty members at the National Theater Institute at The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Past Workshops venues include: Barnard College, Bowdoin College, Brown University, University of Cincinnati (CCM), The Flea Theater (Pataphysics Playwrighting Workshops), Fringe Arts Philadelphia, Footsteps, Greater Hartford Arts Academy, Hamilton College, NYU, Playwrights Horizons, Syracuse University, University of Minnesota and Vassar College.



  • One of my favorite events all semester. I got a better understanding of how we can take many disparate elements, grab the very best version of the ideas therein, find the nuggets of gold, and create a beautiful, surprising, and distinctly unique world/theatrical experience. Hannah and Paul are genius. 

  • This was a total crash course in going about creating a piece of theater. I was astounded by the uniqueness, the buoyancy, the oddity, and the risk in every play that got made. 

  • Thank you! This was amazing. They made us focused and persistent and respectful of our process. I can’t believe we did what we did. 

  • Incredible! Fast! Efficient, effective! Productive! Collaborative! Great way to prove to yourself that you can do it! 

  • This [class] was incredible! So fucking challenging, so very, very rewarding. Proved to me that I could make my own work and it would be great!  

  • This was such a liberating experience. It showed me how much I can create from scratch. I found it so challenging but they kept checking in and helping enormously. I hope to work with them again. 

  • A truly life changing workshop with an incredible group of artists giving back. 

  • The BEST LAB of the semester, HANDS DOWN. We all brought our A-game and created some of the best and most interesting theater I’ve seen. 

  • Loved them! Brilliant, inspiring people. Beautiful, collaborative approach to art. I want to be Hannah Bos. 

  • Changed my life. THANK YOU.

  • Fucking awesome.