The Eaten Heart

Premiered at the Ontological Theater at Saint Mark’s Church,  Spring 2007

"Flawlessly directed. Awesome in scope and bold in execution. The result is, quite simply, great theater." - Show Business Weekly

"A cornucopia of vivid acting and inspired staging." - Gothamist’s “Best of a Year in Theater”

"A joyous and lightheaded celebration of Bos and Thureen’s remarkable skills . . . a showcase for two splendid actors to strut their stuff. The quick changes and transformations are near miraculous, the shifts in costume and temperament are downright astonishing." - Martin Denton, 

The Debate Society’s third full-length work, The Eaten Heart is inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio’s 14th century masterwork The Decameron. The essence of Boccaccio’s characters and stories flavor The Debate Society’s creation: a modern lucid dream of loneliness, longing and desire that matches The Decameron’s penchant for hilarious, erotic and occasionally gory twists. “Wizardly actors” (Gothamist) Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen seamlessly shift among over a dozen different characters seeking refuge in the anonymous security of a remote roadside motel. Their stories loop and multiply as the strangers check in and out, rendezvous, plot and then disappear again back onto the lonely highways.

Written and performed by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen
Directed and developed by Oliver Butler

Lighting Design by Mike Riggs
Sound Design by Nathan Leigh
Costume Design by Sydney Maresca
Scenic Design by Amanda Rehbein
Stage management: Amy Ehrenberg