The Snow Hen

Premiered at The Charlie Pineapple Theater, Spring 2006

"Represents everything great about independent theatre. Performances of enormous craft, intellectual rigor and a grandly emotional pay-off. Absolutely gorgeous." - Backstage

"The Snow Hen was the best thing I saw all season." - Mitch Montgomery, OffOffOnline

"Haunting, melancholy, and oddly hilarious . . . masterful." - Flavorpill

The populations of the world have been decimated in a global epidemic. Apocalyptic weather has washed civilization into the ocean. A little girl has survived… and she is growing feathers!

The Snow Hen spends her days fishing for remnants of civilization that float in with the tide, each new day unearthing memories of her vanished family. Her lonely existence is broken by a haunted wanderer, a giant survivor, who crashes into her world. They fall for each other, and then they fall apart.

Based on the Jostedalsrypa myth which emerged from the Black Death of the 14th century in Norway, The Snow Hen pairs with The Eaten Heart as two-thirds of The Debate Society’s planned (and as of 2016, still unfinished!) “Black Plague Trilogy”. 

Written and performed by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen
Directed and developed by Oliver Butler

Lighting Design by Mike Riggs
Sound Design by Nathan Leigh
Costume Design by Sydney Maresca
Stage management: Amy Ehrenberg